That will govern our work with clients, the community, the staff, foster parents, volunteers ... and each other.

Respect and Dignity: All persons have an inherent right to have their needs and challenges met in a manner that treats them as individuals worthy of consideration, and having value simply based upon their being human beings.

Diversity and Inclusivity: All persons are unique individuals that come from a particular set of ethno-cultural, faith, gender/ gender identification, mobility, developmental and experiential backgrounds. We respect where they have come from, how that has shaped their experiences and adapt our approach to meet them within that context. We welcome all viewpoints and perspectives in all that we do.

Timely and Transparent Communication: We share information with all affected by it in a manner that is above the table, full and complete. We only restrict information flow when it is done to protect the rights of those most affected.

Mutual Support and Shared Responsibility: Each person's work is complementary to that of all others. We pay particular attention to the intersections of our work, and help each other in achieving the goals we share.

Service to Clients IS our Core Business: Every other activity must be performed in a way that supports and enhances our primary responsibility.

Strength and Resiliency: Families and children have strengths as well as challenges, and we build on those strengths to meet the challenges. We are committed to a belief that we all can grow, change and improve upon individual life circumstances.

Solution-Focused Collaboration: Sharing responsibility is also sharing in results. We work together with families, communities, colleagues and each other to find the answers to what needs to be done.

Ethics and Morality: We do what is right, honest and decent even when it is not the easiest or most popular choice.

COMMON SENSE : Usually the best solution is the one that makes the most sense to everyone.

Do Onto Others ...: We treat each other in the manner in which we would wish to be treated. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

TRUTH MATTERS: We honour our responsibility to be truth tellers, and strive for an environment where even truths that are inconvenient are recognized and adapted to.

Going the Extra Mile: We make the best use of our human and financial resources and find ways to maximize on opportunities. Service to others is a virtue and we continually look for ways to stretch our resources and go out of our way to "do the right thing".

Use Whatever Works: It never matters whose idea it was or why it works, if it works. We commit ourselves to learn from what works and replicate it, through ongoing research and evaluation.

TREAT CHILDREN AS IF THEY WERE OUR OWN: Children in the care of the agency have the same rights as all other children, and the standard of care we strive for is what we would do for our own children.

NOTHING ABOUT THEM WITHOUT THEM: We involve clients and staff in every discussion and decision that affects their lives. We talk to people, not about people.

These values define and shape the way we carry out our Mission. Any actions that are inconsistent with these values have no place in our work.