Orientation for new employees
All new employees will participate in a three phase corporate orientation session focusing on child welfare issues and Society Values.

Provincial Ontario Child Protection Training Program
All new Child Protection Workers are enrolled in a mandatory extensive New Worker Training Program. The New Worker Training Program consists of 9 modules. New Workers carry a limited, protected caseload, to be gradually increased as they complete their training.

Student Placements
Opportunities exist for experienced staff to supervise student placements.

Ongoing Training
Ongoing workshops and training sessions are offered in areas such as Forensic Interviewing, Infants at Risk and Unified Family Court.

Temporary Assignments and Secondment Opportunities:
Opportunities exist for employees to be seconded/reassigned to other positions internally/externally in order to meet temporary operational needs, and for training, career development and knowledge transfer.

The Society provides competitive salary ranges as well as compensation for overtime.

The Society has developed a workplace wellness program which creates a supportive work environment where people value and practice healthy and safe living.

Caseload Ranges:
The Society is committed to maintaining reasonable and achievable workload ranges for staff members. Workload is reviewed on an on-going basis. This includes both the assigned and on-going review of individual workloads to ensure compliance with this objective.

Employee Assistance Program
The Society has an Employee Assistance Plan for employees that include the following range of services:

  • trauma/crisis counseling (group and individual);
  • personal counseling (family, relationship, career);
  • substance abuse;
  • stress counseling;
  • financial planning;
  • legal counseling;
  • pre-retirement counseling;
  • eldercare and childcare information and referral services.

Health and Safety
The Society also recognizes the importance of the health and safety of its employees. The Society has established a Health and Safety Committee in accordance to the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Cellular Phones
All case-carrying employees are provided a cellular phone for business use.

Comprehensive Benefits
In order to meet the needs of its employees, the Society provides a comprehensive benefits package at no cost to the employee.
Listed below are the benefits available to all full-time permanent employees, except where indicated. Some variation of these may apply to part-time and contact employees.

  • Citizenship Leave:
    An employee will be allowed the necessary time off with pay to process his/her Canadian Citizenship application, not exceeding one day.
  • Bereavement Leave
    Up to a maximum of 4 days may be taken with pay for time lost from work as a result of the death of a family member. Family in this content means spouse, of similar or opposite sex, child, parent, step-parents, step-children, aunts, uncles, grandparents-n-law, brother, sister, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, or grandparents, former guardian or common law equivalent of the foregoing definitions.
  • Paid Jury Duty or Court Witness Duty Leave:
    An employee will be granted a leave of absence to serve as a juror or is subpoenaed as a witness in any court. The employee will earn his/her regular pay for each day absent from work provided that the employee pays the employer any attendance money or jury duty pay received by the employee.
  • Pregnancy, Parental and Adoption Leave:
    The Society offers a generous pregnancy, parental and adoption leave program. Employees receive a top up of EI benefits up to 65% of an employee's salary for a period of 18 weeks.
  • Paid Holidays:
    There are eleven (11) days of holidays for which employees receive full salary.
  • Float Days:
    Employees are eligible for up to five (5) float days in each calendar year.
  • Vacation:
    Employees accrue four (4) weeks of vacation per year.
  • Sick Leave:
    The Society maintains a short term sick leave plan at no expense to the employee.
  • Long Term Disability Insurance:
    Provides coverage at 66 2/3% of monthly earnings up to a maximum of $5000 per month until the age of 65.
  • Employee Funded Leave:
    Permanent Full-Time employees who have completed a minimum of 3 years of continuous service may elect to self-fund a one year leave of absence under this leave provision.
  • Staff Development:
    Leaves of absence for educational purposes without pay may be granted to employees who have completed a minimum of 260 days of actual work.
  • Group Insurance and Health and Dental Benefit Plans:
    • Extended Health Plan
    • Paramedical Benefits
    • Dental Benefits
    • Basic Life Insurance
    • Basic AD&D Insurance
    • Private Hospital Coverage
    • Payment of medical certificates for employment purposes
  • Pension:
    Society employees are required to participate in the Ontario Municipal Employee Retirement System (OMERS), with employer and employee sharing premiums equally.
  • Mileage Reimbursement:
    Mileage rates are paid to staff who use their own car on Employer business.
  • Time Away Day (TAD):
    Employees participate in a compressed work week in order to receive one seven (7 hour) day off in a five week period.
  • CAA Membership:
    The Society offers employees membership in Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) plus membership plan.
  • Meal Allowance:
    An employee who works 3 or more consecutive hours of overtime is provided a meal allowance to a maximum value of twenty dollars.